Even though "Dieting" is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, the symptoms of Mind-Hunger, listed in this "Quiz," cannot be treated by calorie deprivation diets.  If you experience any of the symptoms of Mind-Hunger, you are not alone. Current research estimates 50% of participants in weight control programs meet the criteria for emotional overeating.

Take this quiz to see if you need to change your relationship with food.

Do you frequently eat when you are not hungry?

Do you frequently continue to eat after you feel full?

Do you eat when you are upset?

Do you find yourself craving food or feeling obsessed with food?

Are there certain foods you never allow yourself to eat?

Have you tried and failed at so many diets that you have lost count?

Do you use exercise, diuretics, laxatives or vomiting to compensate for overeating?

Scoring: Two or more yes answers may indicate a problem with Mind-Hunger.  You could benefit from a totally different approach to weight control.


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