Take Back Control over Emotional Eating

What’s coaching?

Coaching is an action-oriented partnership that concentrates on both where you are today and what steps are necessary to change habits and negative behavior patterns. A coach supports you toward your desired goals by listening, guiding and offering strategies and options for change. You will become more comfortable and content with yourself as you create new possibilities in your life.

How is coaching structured?

Weekly coaching is designed for women and men, who struggle with weight, food and body image issues and have the desire to change their relationship with themselves and with food. Coaching will help you learn to live your goals and inspire your dreams.

Our mission is to partner with you to create the life you desire as you hold tightly to your vision, embrace all parts of yourself (even those parts you feel are undesirable) and learn how to love yourself and your body.

Topics explored:

  • Overcome mindsets that hold you back.
  • Discover your true self.
  • No diets. No good foods or bad foods.
  • Learn true well-being by becoming intentional with your food, relationships and life.

How does coaching work?

For starters, coaching will allow you to work by phone from home or work - even while you're traveling! Telephone-based weekly meetings accomplish education, interaction and effective support. In 60 minute sessions, you will discuss areas of concern with your coach, learn new tools for making changes and take on actions to be completed between calls. Your coach can help you stay accountable for the changes you choose to make.

Depending on your needs, Jeanne Sivertson, MSSW, ACC and Alexa Sparkman, MA, RDN, LD will design a structure that will allow you to make the changes you are seeking. You will have the benefit of a certified coach and a licensed medical nutrition therapist working together with you on your journey.

What do I get ?

Coaching sessions are $150 plus any long distance charges billed by your service provider. This fee includes a 60minute session, educational materials, email support between sessions, and phone calls as needed. Multiple session packages are also available.

How do I start?

Contact our office.
We will answer your questions and give you more detailed information about how to begin coaching.






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