“I feel overwhelmed, but how do I change?”

The Foundation Group:

This 15-week psychoeducational series is for those of us who are new to the idea of changing our relationship with food. Each class is custom designed to develop personal awareness as well as genuine understanding of why we eat for reasons other than true physical hunger. Classes include hands-on eating experiences, grocery store trips and meditative movement exercises.

Topics explored:

  • Why diets will never work
  • That “need” for chocolate: How food can impact brain chemistry and blood sugar.
  • Emotional eating: Why saying no to favorite foods and eating to suppress feeling is often destructive.
  • How to break the “fat thought” cycle and build self-confidence
  • Take back control: How to implement a simple four step CALM plan to cope with emotions and cravings.

Each class in the group is $50 per 90 minute session, plus a one-time $15 materials fee. These classes are led by a licensed medical nutrition therapist.

“I understand myself better, I know the steps to take, but how do I move forward?” “How do I understand and respond to my authentic emotional needs without resorting to food when I’m not hungry?”

The Skills Development Group:

This 15-week psychoeducational series effectively complements the initial foundational courses. Once we understand the reasons why we reach for food and we have insight into the mechanics of mindful eating, these classes give us the skills necessary to successfully change.

Topics explored:

  • How to observe yourself and others rationally and objectively
  • Anxiety: Techniques to reduce tension and cope with worries
  • How to interpret physical body experiences to gain important information
  • Uncover possibilities: Learn how to open up to different choices to achieve your goals
  • How to effectively move through the shame barrier

Each class in the group is $50 per 70-90 minute session. These classes are led by a licensed medical nutrition therapist.

Where I Go From Here?

After completing the Foundation and Skills Developments groups, there are always individual sessions, coaching groups and therapy sessions available to help maintain positive change. Over time, continued work will facilitate the realization of true self and personal needs, as well as enable processing through feelings related to hunger, food, body image and self-esteem.

Topics explored:

  • Undoing depression
  • Sharing and accepting feelings
  • Becoming more effective
  • Exploring unhealthy dependencies
  • Grieving losses
  • Increasing intimacy in primary relationships
  • Dealing with shame, guilt, fear, deprivation, loneliness and trust
  • Coping with life's stressors
  • Understanding feelings of rebellion
  • Decreasing defensiveness

This work can be done in individual sessions with the group leaders, in coaching groups, in group therapy or in individual therapy with your current therapist. Group leaders are available to help you decide which path is best for you.



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